Cheap red bottom shoes Bite golden touch of evil who leapt from the obvious Jinmang

"Roar ! " Cheap red bottom shoes Bite golden touch of evil who leapt from the obvious Jinmang , had fallen suddenly blocked crepe , female eagle looking for a hundred years old , and then exposed hint of sneer , hands down a hard push , crape suddenly glow big put under bite fiercely toward gold Wicked hood. "Woo ! " In loud whine ,red bottom shoes the bite gold Wicked huge stature was completely enveloped crape where water clouds sub Seeing it is a casual air machine , glowering look old female eagle . " Kaca ! " At this time, a clear ringing sound , Ectocarpus child suddenly looking pale , but also gave the old man arguing with the female eagle , golden bite turned the Wicked looked and saw the original black light flashing Heijian , now appears an obvious cracks . "Do not ! " Shuiyun child Jingnu Cross issued a roar , but it was too late , "bang" a dull sound came, top grade yellow star is turned abruptly grade gold Wicked bite to chew , a wide mouth volume , suddenly not into the belly . Child looking for a white water clouds ,Coach factory outlet at the foot of a staggering, suddenly " wow " sound spit blood , fell to the ground, this star is air- linked with him , already combined, broken sword naturally also affected . The Wicked bite gold star is swallowed after sword , the whole body trembling Guanghua suddenly unstable , suffering a touch of color appeared Christian Louboutin Outlet body constantly quivering , there was a faint flash of strong momentum . This situation is evolving phenomenon . Everyone was stunned in front of this series of tragedies . Just then , a shadow quickly flashed a vertical stature , has landed the top Shuiyun child , flying a rotation, suddenly the whole person as a mountain -like pressure down ! "Red bottom shoes?" Uttered Jingnu Cross 's voice,red bottom shoes outlet looking at the water cloud sub- face horror shadows fall , but he only saw a pair of cold Mouguang as hell death in general !
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